Current state of Hackerspace Bandung A.K.A HSBDG

I’m currently work from Impact Hub Phnom Penh, Cambodia and happy to see good coworking space that support social enterprise and trying to making impact. Something that I want with Hackerspace, we hack things for good impact.

Then I found a video about Hackerspace. I just realized we made this video 2 years ago when we decided to move our Hackerspace to 3rd place. We called it Hackerspace V.3 because this one is the 3rd place after our first one on 2010. We we moved 2 years ago, we planning to rebranding the Hackerspace to HSBDG, to make it shorter. But as always, everything getting busy and rebranding project not continue.

The Hackerspace still there, we still working from there. Some people move to new space or new job, but they still part of the community. I always thinking to do something with this Hackerspace. One thing that currently in my mind is make Hackerspace as developer incubator space. Get new talent and teach them to become high skills developers, work on social impact project, and make the project become a product.

Now we’re in process to legalize the HSBDG, we’re going to make it as non profit organization so we can create the incubation program and find some grants to support the grant. That’s my current plan, will see how it will be going.